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The partner acrobatic course will focus on expanding acrobatic principles and gymnastics disciplines highlighting body strengthening and movement drills, partner hand balancing and pressing, intermediate acrobatic tumbling, the development of pair acrobatic skills and catching, and the introduction of mixed trio and quad acrobatics. The course will follow a “Safe ACRO” ideology to ensure students are enhancing “A” – awareness, “C” – own capability, “R” – responsibility for safety, and “O” – organized personal goals through consistent practice. Utilizing proper skill progressions, students will experience various techniques such as hand to hands, front handspring/front tuck tumble out, high front and back angels, high foot to hand, two-high building and walking, cradle dismounts, and more acrobatic skills.

Prerequisite for Partner “Acro” Course: Students should have either

  1. Completed AcroSports’ Individual “Acro” Course or;
  2. Have experience/confidence at least two of the following – stabilizing your own handstand, basic experience in acrobatic vertical loading (standing/sitting on another individual), or performing front/back tumbling and/or saltos without a spot either on spring floor or onto a 4” – 12” foam mat

Course objectives:

  • Increase own understanding of tumbling, gymnastics and acrobatic terminology
  • Implement basic physics principles of acrobatics
    • Bone to bone contact
    • Vertical loading
    • Tension balance
    • Avoid soft body parts
    • Avoid stressing joints
  • Learn basic, partner acrobatic techniques and skills

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