New Adult Tumbling Class Added!

Are you looking to perfect your back walkover? Do you want to transition to running tumbling? Want to add height to your back tuck? We hear you! We’ve added a new class so you can focus on gaining specific tumbling skills.

This is an all levels class to work on different level progressions for skills such as:

  • Basic tumbling/forward and backward rolls+handstands
  • Cartwheels/round-offs
  • Dive rolls
  • Front handsprings
  • Standing back handsprings/round-offs for back handsprings
  • Front tucks
  • Back tucks
  • Front walkover
  • Back walkover
Adult Tumbling for Blog.jpg

Adult Program Manager Rachel Bradford said, “Our tumbling classes are very popular and we want to accommodate our adult students who have been waitlisted for those classes. I’m very happy that we are able to add this new class so our students can continue to work and progress their skills and achieve their personal goals.”

The Tumbling – Skill Specific class is offered every Tuesday night from 7-8:30 p.m.


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