Monthly Class Pass Cancellation

We know that sometimes it's necessary to take a break from classes due to travel plans or ill health. Luckily our Monthly Unlimited Contract policy reflects those needs. If you would like to terminate or suspend your contract please read below then complete the following form.

Once the 3 month commitment has been fulfilled, we can terminate a Monthly Unlimited Contract with 12 days notice. This will remove any further scheduled auto payments form the account. Students are to able to sign up for a new contract (with a new 3 month commitment) at any time.

We can suspend a Monthly Unlimited Contract for any length of time up to 3 months in any given contracted year. We require 5 days notice for all suspensions. Suspending 'freezes' your account so any days already paid for are not wasted. Any unused paid days will automatically activate when the suspension lifts. Please be aware that this can change the date of your Monthly Autopayment.

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