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AcroSports is a unique space designed to inspire play and empowerment through non-competitive movement.

For anyone who has ever thought about running away to join the circus, or for those of you who just want to add something new to your workout routine, AcroSports has got you covered!  We offer a variety of fitness classes for adults of all experience levels, including Tumbling, Breakdancing, Aerial Arts, Contortion, Parkour and more. Adult programs are designed to improve fitness and increase knowledge of a specific sport or physical arts discipline, and are offered in a fun, supportive, and pressure-free environment that lets you develop at your own pace.

Classes are ongoing and you can begin at anytime. Classes can be booked either here, or by downloading our app.


AcroSports Will Be Closed Through the Summer

Given the uncertainty caused by the current coronavirus situation in the Bay Area we will temporarily cease programming at AcroSports.



Grateful we have this space in SF.  Friendly staff, warm people.

Tonya and Andre are awesome coaches, have had great experience with them as adult tumbling instructors.

I feel happy and healthy after every session 🙂 knowing my athleticism is improving because of their encouragement


Ryan R.

Love coming in every once in a while to their "open gym" on Wednesdays to play on the Uneven bars!  Juliene is so nice and welcoming every time i show up...and she remembers my name 🙂  Also, Elijah is a great instructor!  He helped me learn a few backflips off the high bar in a matter of minutes!  Everyone i met is friendly as well!  I highly recommend coming here!  Clean and the equipment is great!


Jolene F.

I've lived in SF for 13 years, and have been to every rock climbing gym in the bay, to different dance studios, and gyms over the years, and none of their staff are as welcoming, helpful and as chill as the staff at Acrosports.


Ross C.

These guys just made me quit my "gym" gym after 5 classes. The adult tumbling class kicks your butt and you learn ninja turtles skills. This is the ONLY workout. Everyone in there is happy and you feel like a kid. Bangerang!  Love Acrosports!

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AcroSports will not be hosting classes in the gym at this time. However, we are currently offering online classes.

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