Sign in and Arrival

All campers must be signed IN and OUT by an adult every day. If your child will be picked up by a non guardian or another adult who is not on your account, please inform us at drop off.

You can either walk your child into the building, or utilize curbside drop off. If you are walking your child in, please do NOT park in the white zone out front.

Curb Side Drop Off

For your convenience, we offer Curbside drop off in front of AcroSports M-F from 8:45AM-9AM. To utilize curbside drop off, please pull all the way forward in the white zone and an AcroSports staff person will come to the passenger side of your car to receive your camper. Please stay in your vehicle and do not release your child from your care until they have been signed in on the sign in sheet.

We ask that families are mindful of traffic on Frederick Street. Please do not make U-turns in the middle of the block and be considerate of our neighbors by not blocking their driveways.

Foot traffic drop off will queue in the stanchions along the front side of the building. Please remain with your camper until they have been signed in and escorted into the building by an AcroSports staff member.

Curb Side Pick Up

Curbside pick up is M-TH, 3PM-3:15PM. We do not offer curbside pick up on Friday because of the end of camp show!

Please call the office if you have an emergency or will not be able to pick up your child on time. Campers not picked up by 3:15PM will be escorted to our office where they can wait during our 10 minute grace period. If your child is not picked up by 3:25PM, you will be charged the day rate for After Care.

Late Arrival

If you arrive for Camp after 9AM, you will need to escort your child into the building to the office to sign them in. Please make sure your child puts their belongings in a designated downstairs locker before bringing them to the office.

Before Care – For Campers 6yrs+

We offer Before Care Monday through Friday, 8AM-9AM. This is an hour of supervised free play before the start of camp. Before Care is generally offered by the week, but if a given week isn’t fully enrolled, drop-ins by the day are available with advance notice.

After Care – For Campers 6yrs+

After Care is available Monday through Thursday, 3PM – 5:30PM. There is no After Care on Fridays due to the end of camp show.

Generally, students enroll in After Care for the entire week, though daily attendance may be available if a particular week’s After Care is not fully enrolled. Check with a coach at drop off or give the office a call during the day of the needed After Care to see if there is room for a drop-in.

Campers staying for After Care should be sure to have an additional afternoon snack packed in their lunch, or money available to purchase one from the Big Top Shop (parents can also contact the office to purchase “credit” for snacks). Remember that campers will have been engaged in a lot of physical activity for the day and WILL be hungry, guaranteed! That extra snack is vital for After Care.

AfterCare campers must be picked up by 5:30pm. A $1 per minute fee is charged for any child pick up that happens after 5:30pm. In the event that you are running unavoidably late, please call our office to alert us to this fact and we can inform your child that you are on your way.

If your child is enrolled in After Care, but you are planning to pick them up during curbside pickup instead on a given day, please let us know in the morning so we can have your camper packed up and ready to go at the time of curbside.

Medication: Inhalers, Epipens, etc

All current medications and prescriptions must be detailed in your camper’s Jack Rabbit account. A Camp Medication Form must be filled out on site, along with the actual prescription medication in a current prescription bottle. This policy extends to all medication including over the counter medicine. Medications will be kept in the Main Office or held by a staff member, unless it is medically necessary to be kept with the camper (ex. Inhalers, epipens, etc.).

Any special health concerns your child may have that may affect their ability to participate fully in our program should be reported at the time of registration, but please also check in with camp staff during Monday drop-off to clarify the nature and restrictions of the health concern.

Camp Cancellation Policy

*PLEASE NOTE: This cancellation policy ONLY applies to our Camps and Before & After Care.

Tuition paid for each week of Camp includes a non-refundable $25 deposit per student enrolled.

Camp cancellations made within the following time spans prior to the scheduled start date of your child’s Camp garner the following:

  • 3+ Weeks Prior: Full refund minus $25 deposit per student
  • 2-3 Weeks Prior: 75% Credit minus $25 deposit per student
  • 1-2 Weeks Prior: 50% Credit minus $25 deposit per student
  • 1 Week-48hrs Prior: 25% Credit minus $25 deposit per student
  • 48 Hours Or Less Prior: NO REFUND or Credit

With the rare exception of any cancellation brought about by AcroSports, the above camp cancellation policy cannot be changed to accommodate any outside exceptions or events over which AcroSports has no control. Such circumstances include but are not limited to illness, injury, or scheduling conflicts.

Camp Credits can be used towards another week of Camp, Classes, Private Lessons, or Parties. Credits are valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

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