In an effort to address the many challenges of this new reality...

We have embarked upon our First Ever Year-End Fundraising Campaign!

We hope, with your help, to implement the operational restructuring needed for AcroSports to safely reboot programming, and to reinstitute our Outreach programs in subsequent months. This “reboot” will include the same high quality programs that so many of you have grown to love, but with a major reduction in the overall number of students we can serve – at least for the foreseeable future - combined with the greater overhead of increased staff training and intensified cleaning protocols.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 prior to reopening to ensure that we will be in a healthy financial position to adapt to this new, significantly altered business model.

Fortunately, we are already off to a great start!

We are happy to announce that longtime donors, Bill & Ursula Moffett, have pledged to match all gifts to AcroSports up to $50,000, which would double the impact of your support.

If you are in a position to do so, we would greatly appreciate a contribution of any amount to our First Ever Year-End Fundraising Campaign!

PS. If you would like to make a gift of stock, contact Dorrie Huntington at

Another major challenge to address in the coming year will be the reinstitution of our Outreach programs.

Your donations not only help us recoup the following organizational costs, but also to ensure we can quickly restart programming when we are able to safely reopen.

As you know, kids benefit both physically and developmentally from regular exercise, but with many schools providing only limited PE instruction, AcroSports has long helped to fill that crucial void via Outreach. In addition to the 1200 students that came through our Frederick Street doors every week prior to the shutdown, hundreds more received free and subsidized programming in their schools and local community centers.

We hope to rebuild this Outreach arm of AcroSports as soon as schools are ready to have us, but given our drastically shifted mode of operations, we will have considerably fewer resources to do so. Your donation to this campaign will aid us greatly in ensuring the relaunch of this program.

Youth representing the full, diverse spectrum of ages, developmental needs, and ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds of San Francisco have experienced the joy of AcroSports. We are grateful to you for choosing us as the venue for your children to discover movement in a fun, creative and challenging environment.

In case you didn't know, 10% of your tuition fees have also helped make the robust Outreach program mentioned above a reality. Thank you again for this support!

AcroSports Organizational Costs During the Covid-19 Closure

  • icon-camps-01-acrosports

    Spring/Summer Camp credits and refunds

  • icon-staff-01-acrosports

    Non-PPP Payroll, Health Benefits, 403-b Contributions

  • icon-class-organization-01-acrosports

    Basic operating costs

  • icon-class-refunds-01-acrosports
    Class Refunds

    Winter/Spring class credits and refunds

All donations to AcroSports - either cash, or the donation of standing credits - are 100% tax exempt.

We are a nonprofit organization as described in section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code with EIN of 94-3180899. Your generous contribution to AcroSports’ future will be multiplied again and again in the lives of the children, youth, adults and seniors AcroSports helps shape into empowered, creative, community-oriented people.

In addition to regular cash donations, another great way to contribute is to donate any standing AcroSports class credit you may currently have on file.

If this is something you would like to do, please email to let us know that you’d like to donate your credit. This would be considered a fully tax-deductible contribution in the same way that a regular cash donation would, and will assist us greatly during this challenging time.

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