Please note some of the policies listed below may have been temporarily affected by COVID and the safety measures we have put in place as we reopen; please see the current session schedule for details.

Covid-19 Safety Protocol

Read more about our latest Covid-19 safety measures.

Late Policy

  • AcroSports has a non-negotiable 15 minute late policy for all classes. Students must arrive within the first 15 minutes from the scheduled start time to be permitted into class, though it is highly encouraged that students regularly arrive on time for class.  
  • The hard cutoff at 15 minutes is a safety concern, as late arrivals will have missed warmup, increasing the chance of potential injury, and joining class while instruction is already underway can also be a dangerous distraction for other staff & students in the gym.
  • If your child arrives more than 15 minutes late and is unable to join class, the missed class is ineligible for a make up or a credit.

Before Class

  • Proper athletic attire is required for all students in order to facilitate movement, ensure student safety, and preserve gym equipment.  Sweat pants, athletic shorts, yoga pants or leggings along with a close-fitting T-shirt are appropriate, as are leotards or unitards.  
  • Clothing must not have belt loops, zippers, buttons, metal rivets or other features that can potentially catch on or puncture gym equipment.  No jewelry should be worn.
  • Long hair must be tied back and securely out of a student’s face. We have hair ties available for sale in the Main Office if needed.
  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start of class (see Late Policy below).
    • All classes meet upstairs in the bleachers except for Tiny Tots, Contortion, and Breakdancing classes, which meet downstairs.
    • If you have arrived late, please check into the office so that one of our staff can safely escort your student onto the floor (please also see Late Policy below).
  • Stroller parking is available on the lower level inside the building.  Please do not leave strollers in walkways or at the bottom of stairways as this creates a safety hazard.
  • The white zone in front of our building is for pick-ups and drop-offs only. Please do not park in the white zone, which limits other families’ ability to use it (and you may be ticketed or towed!).  
  • Students are not permitted on the gym floor or on any equipment until their coach has arrived and class has begun.

Make Ups

  • We accommodate up to 2 make-ups during our Winter and Spring Sessions and up to 3 make ups during our Summer and Fall sessions.  
  • Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy, subject to availability and are not guaranteed.
  • In order to be eligible for a make-up, the absence must be recorded in advance. “In advance” can mean any time up until 10 minutes before a class is scheduled to begin; please call us at (415)665-2276 to report the absence.
  • Make-ups must be completed in the same session as the missed class.
  • Students can make up in any class that is age and skill-level appropriate for them; the make-up does not have to be in the exact same kind of class that was missed.
  • Make-ups unfortunately cannot be scheduled online; please contact our office at (415)665-2276 to arrange those.
  • Students cannot retroactively make up classes if they dropped a class mid session.

During Class

  • Parents can watch their child’s class from one of our multiple waiting areas.
  • Only students and staff are permitted on the gym floor, unless a coach requests a parent join them there, OR if the student & parent are participating in the class together (Tiny Tots, Baby Play Group).
  • PreSchool students: Adults accompanying PreK students must stay in the building for the entire duration of the student’s class. This applies to ALL PreK classes, not just those that involve adult participation. If a PreK student needs to use the restroom, the coach will be dependent on the accompanying adult to escort the child there. 
  • Youth students : Parents may drop their youth students off at AcroSports once children are 6 years old, however please ensure the following:
    • Contact phone numbers in your online registration account are current.
    • Your child understands where to go to wait for their class once dropped off.
    • Your child understands when & where to meet you for pickup after class.
    • If you will be running late to pick up your Youth student, please call the office at (415)665-2276 to let us know so we can inform the student and coach.
  • Lockers are available downstairs and cubbies upstairs for storage of personal items during class time.  Students are welcome to put locks on the downstairs lockers during class, but please do not leave locks there outside of class time.
  • Wifi is available for your use, you can find the current password posted around the building or ask someone in the Main Office.


Please note: We do not accommodate drop ins during the last week of a class session.

  • Both PreK and Youth Students can drop into any age and skill-appropriate class that has space available.
  • Walk-in drop-ins are not recommended; it is highly advised that you instead schedule your drop-in in advance to ensure there will be room to accommodate your child.  Drop-ins can be scheduled up to a week ahead.
  • You will need to create a JackRabbit account before scheduling a drop-in.  Once you do so, give the Main Office a call at (415) 665-2276 or email info@acrosports.org to schedule.  Drop-ins cannot be scheduled through your JackRabbit account.
  • Drop-in fees will be processed in full at the time of the reservation; this is what holds your child’s spot in class.  
    • The day of your drop in:
      • First, come by the office on the second floor to pick up a drop-in pass before going to class.  The office staff will direct you where to go from there.
  • We have a very strict 15 minute late policy. If you arrive 15 minutes past your class start time, you will not be permitted to join and will not receive a refund.
    • Be conscious of the fact that arriving on time for a drop-in class, particularly if it is your child’s first time at AcroSports, will help set the stage for a positive experience.  A late arrival and rushing into a class that has already begun can cause stress that can make it difficult for a child to acclimate.
  • If you cannot make a scheduled drop-in, contact the Main Office at least 24 hours before your scheduled class start time to either cancel or rebook. Cancellations will receive a credit for the prepaid drop-in that is good for one year; if the drop-in is rebooked, we will apply the original payment made to the rebooked class.
  • Current drop in fees:
    • 1 hr classes - $23
    • 1.5 hr classes - $33
    • 2 hr classes  - $43

Class Cancellations

  • AcroSports has a strict No Refund policy, EXCEPT for Camps and Birthday Parties.
  • If you need to cancel your child’s enrollment at any point in a session, the prorated dollar value of remaining classes in that session will be credited to your family account.  Credits can be used for any AcroSports program or merchandise, and are good for one year from the date the credit was issued.
  • To cancel a class and receive a credit, please call the Main Office at (415)665-2276, or email info@acrosports.org.  Please note that we cannot issue retroactive credit for classes that have passed, and that a particular week’s class meeting is considered “passed” at 10 minutes prior to its scheduled start.
  • If you drop your child’s enrollment mid-session, you can no longer make up any past missed classes.


  • There is no charge for being on a waitlist, and there is no limit to the number of waitlists your child can be on at one time.
  • If a spot becomes available, we will call/email and give you 24 hours to get back to us to confirm your child’s enrollment.  We do NOT automatically enroll your child in the class and charge you for it - we need to hear back from you first.
  • If we do not hear back from you in the allotted time to confirm the enrollment, we will move to the next student on the waitlist.
  • If your child is already enrolled in a class, but waitlisted for another that you’d prefer, if and when a spot becomes available in the preferred class,  your child is welcome to transfer.
  • Waitlists do not carry over from session to session.

Interest Lists

  • Interest List classes are ones that we are considering offering, but are not yet able to do so, usually due to coach availability or other logistical roadblock. The Interest List helps us gauge whether the demand is high enough to find a way around those roadblocks and make the class happen.
  • Interest List classes are not guaranteed to become real classes, and we highly recommend you enroll your child in another existing class first as a backup.  If and when we end up offering the Interest List class, your child will be able to transfer into it at that time.
  • When an Interest List class opens, we contact the those on the list to give them an opportunity to enroll. As with waitlists, families will have a predetermined amount of time to confirm their spot before we move down to the next student on the Interest List.


Session Schedules:

  • Session schedules are made available the week before Priority Registration for that particular session begins (see more about this below).
  • We try to keep our class offerings similar from session to session, but cannot guarantee that a class will continue at the same day and time, due to coach availability, enrollment numbers, and/or coordination with needs of other classes.


Registration Periods

  • Priority Registration: For students who were enrolled in, and completed, the class session immediately previous to the one for which Priority Registration is being held.   Priority usually continues for one week and is followed by Open Registration. 

Past Camp enrollment, ToddlerPlay Group attendance, participation in AcroFun Nights or any other AcroSports programs do NOT qualify a student for  Priority Registration.

Priority Registration for Fall sessions is extended to students enrolled in either the immediately preceding Summer class session (NOT Camp) and/or the previous Spring class session.

  • Sibling Priority: For students that are siblings of Priority Registration-eligible students, but were not enrolled in the previous session themselves.  Students can only take advantage of this if the Priority Registration-eligible sibling is ALSO enrolling for the session in question.
  • Camper Priority (Fall Session registration only): For students who were enrolled in at least one full week (3+ days) of the immediately preceding session of Summer Camp.
  • Open Registration: Open to everyone

Registration Day:

  • Registration Periods (see above for different types) generally begin on a Monday, the exception being Sibling Priority and Camper Priority, which are usually offered toward the end of Priority Registration week/in the few days prior to Open Registration.
  • Registration opens at 9am. Many of our classes fill quickly so we highly recommend registering as early as you can.
  • All PreK and Youth classes and Camps register via JackRabbit, our online class registration system, which can be accessed through our website.  It is recommended that new families create their account in JackRabbit prior to the onset of registration so you will be ready to go when registration begins. 
  • The quickest way to register is through the Parent Portal, which you can access once you have established a JackRabbit account.
  • Phone registration is possible, however we prioritize families who do not have internet access and/or computers at home.  Please note that the wait times on the phone can often be long, and you will most likely be able to take care of the registration more quickly online.
  • We have a computer available in our Main Office for online registration for families who do not have internet access/a computer at home.
  • If your child has been approved to enroll in a class for which they don’t meet the age requirements (either too young or old), you must call the office to complete the registration.
  • We do not accept enrollments via email.  

Tuition Payment:

  • Payment of class tuition is due in full at the time of registration.  Once you  complete your child’s online enrollment, AcroSports office staff will review it to ensure appropriate placement, apply any applicable discounts (see below), then run the credit card you have on file for the total amount due. You will receive an emailed receipt (usually the same day you register) once we have processed your payment.
  • If your payment method is declined, we will reach out and give you 24 hours to confirm payment while we continue to hold your child’s spot in class(es).
  • Families who prefer to pay tuition via check or cash instead of credit card please contact our Main Office PRIOR to the start of registration to ensure your account is flagged appropriately to prevent a credit card charge.  You will not be able to set up a JackRabbit account without a credit card, but it can be removed retroactively at your request. 
  • If you would like to split your child’s session tuition into multiple payments, that is an option; please see the relevant information about this on our Installment Plans page.
  • Tuition for enrollments that occur mid-session will be prorated; fees posted at the registration site are updated weekly by our office staff and reflect tuition due for the balance of the current session.


Available Discounts:

  • Sibling discount: 10% off of tuition for all sibling(s) enrolled after the first full-paying student enrolled in the same class session.  Siblings must be on the same family account in the online registration system to be eligible for this discount.
  • Multi-class discounts: 20% off the same student’s second enrollment in the same session, 30% off the third enrollment, etc.
  • Tuition Assistance: We offer tuition discounts of up to 40% for qualifying families. If you are interested in applying, please read this page before enrolling.
  • Please note that discounts are not automatically applied during the registration process, and your “shopping cart” will reflect the full price of each tuition when you register. Office staff will apply the appropriate discounts when processing enrollments, and you will see the discounts itemized on your receipt.
  • All discounts listed above are taken from the least expensive tuition fees.

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