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In addition to regular group classes for both kids and adults, AcroSports also offers private lessons for ages 6 and up in a variety of disciplines.

Our newly revamped facility - complete with a new rigging apparatus, lighting, fresh paint job, and a floor-to-rafters deep clean - is ready for you to return to the most unique workout facility in the Bay Area!

Please see below for all the details, and take special note...

The registration & reservation process for private lessons is different for minors than it is for adults!

 If you are looking to sign up a child for private lessons, please be sure to visit the link referenced below in the "Here's How it Works" tab.

Adult Private Lessons are back

Private Lesson Pricing

# of lessons1 hour1.5 hoursSavingsExpiration
($90 per lesson)
($135 per lesson)
10%3 months
($80 per lesson)
($120 per lesson)
20%5 months

Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 people)

$60 per person

  • Use the Registration button below or click here to locate and schedule available private lesson times in the discipline(s) of your choice. You will need a Mindbody account to do this; if you don’t already have one, you’ll be prompted to create one in the process of making the reservation. IF YOU ARE REGISTERING A CHILD, please see the next bullet point.
  • Minors cannot register themselves for private lessons, but need a parent or guardian to do this for them. This involves a different process than an adult signing oneself up, and it is imperative that parents follow this procedure, the instructions for which can be found here. Resolving an account for a minor that has been set up incorrectly is no small task for our limited admin personnel; note that accounts for minors that are not set up as advised will incur a $10 administrative fee if they need to be corrected.
  • Private lessons are available in 1-hour or 1.5-hour increments. Lessons for less than one hour are not available at this time.
  • Lessons will be pre-paid at the time of reservation and students will check themselves in when they arrive via a contactless check-in system.
  • Private lessons can be booked anywhere from 72 hours to 2 weeks in advance, depending on availability. “Last minute” reservations for less that 3 days in advance cannot be accommodated.
  • On the day of scheduled lesson, students will need to complete a “Self-Declaration” Health Waiver verifying their health status.  Your coach will also take your temperature when you first arrive.
  • More specifics regarding appropriate COVID protocol & precautions during your lesson will be included in your reservation confirmation. You can also find that information visiting our Covid-19 information page here. Please make sure to review this information prior to arriving at AcroSports; we expect all students to follow these new rules in order to ensure the continued health & safety of our community.
  • Aerial Conditioning

    Achieve full body toning, power, and flexibility, while reviewing the fundamentals of aerial skills.

  • Breakdancing

    A hip-hop dance form that incorporates acrobatic moves and trademark bgirl/bboy movement & style.

  • Cheerleading

    Focus on cheer jumps & tumbling, especially great for anyone planning to try out for a team.

  • Conditioning

    Exercises, drills and protips on improving strength and flexibility to improve development in essentially any physical discipline.

  • Gymnastics

    A traditional sports discipline involving various apparatus, including parallel bars, beam, high bar, rings and pommel horse, as well as floor work.

  • Hammock/Sling

    The sling can be static, spinning, or swung like a hammock, and is a great starting point for anyone who wants to engage in the aerial arts, as it exercises the whole body, including the core.

  • Hand Balancing

    A graceful art form involving demonstrations of flexibility, balance, and athleticism, often performed in pairs, though can also be done solo.

  • Hoop/Lyra

    The lyra is a heavy, metal hoop suspended from the aerial rigging. Learn basic mounts, dismounts, poses, transitions, and other maneuvers using this sturdy but graceful frame.

  • Hula Hoop

    Learn on-body and off-body hula hoop skills & tricks, and develop hoop sequences that flow effortlessly.

  • Parkour

    The urban art of uninterrupted forward movement through, over and under obstacles with creativity, strength and flow.

  • Stretching & Flexibility

    Work out your stress and support your overall physical health by increasing muscle flexibility while simultaneously strengthening various muscle groups.

  • Tissu (Silks)

    An aerial art consisting of a long stretch of hanging fabric that is climbed and manipulated by an aerialist to create striking displays of physical artistry, such as spins and falls.

  • Trampoline

    Drills, conditioning and tricks on hot bed competition-grade trampoline.

  • Trapeze

    Perhaps the most familiar of the aerial arts, our trapeze is static (as opposed to “flying”), or can be spun. Learn skills specific to this challenging apparatus.

  • Tricking

    A martial arts approach to acrobatics, with a focus on kicks, flips, and twists, that takes its cues from the disciplines of Capoeira, Breakdancing, and Gymnastics.

  • Tumbling

    Tumbling - The “floor work” of gymnastics - i.e., rolls, jumps, handsprings, tucks (flips) etc - done on a sprung gym floor.

  • 24-Hour Cancellation Policy: As a courtesy to our instructors please allow 24 hours notice for cancellations and rescheduling requests. Cancellations/rescheduling requests that occur less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment are subject to a fee equal to the full cost of the private lesson. We regret that we cannot make exceptions to our 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. The same policy applies to No Shows.
  • New students MUST create a MindBody account online here.
  • A $10 Administrative Fee will be charged to correct any private lesson accounts set up for minors that are done so incorrectly. Please refer to the directions in the "How it Works" tab on this page for parents/guardians establishing accounts for their children.
  • Once you are matched with a Coach, ALL communication regarding your lesson should be directed to your Coach. Our Front Desk is currently unstaffed.
  • Maximum private lesson size is 1 student.

SF Mandate: Vaccination & Masks Required Indoors

Vaccination & Masks Required Indoors
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