Covid-19 Safety Protocol

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Late Policy

AcroSports has a strict 15-minute late policy. This is a safety issue, as late arrivals will have missed warmup, increasing the chance of potential injury; joining class while instruction is already underway can also be a dangerous distraction.  If a student arrives to class 15 or more minutes late, they will not be permitted to join, and will surrender that class on their pass as “used.”

Exception: Open Gym classes have a 30 minute late policy.

Check In

  • Students must check themselves in before the start of every class. The check-in iPad is located on a stand directly outside the Main Office on our second floor.
  • First time students need to check in at the Main Office to ensure all registration is in order and for instructions on how to self check-in for future visits. 
  • Students who do not check in will be charged a No Show fee (see more below). Please note it is the student’s responsibility to ensure each class check-in has occurred.
  • The check-in iPad locks 15 minutes after classes begin, in accordance with our Late Policy.
  • Open Gym participants who arrive more than 15 minutes past the start of Open Gym need to check in with the office.

Class Cancellations and No Shows

AcroSports has a strict No Refunds policy for all types of Class Packs and Monthly Unlimited contracts. However reserved classes can be rescheduled, and Monthly Unlimited passes can be cancelled or temporarily suspended when needed.  Please see details below:

If a student will not be able to attend a scheduled class, they can cancel it 12 hours or more before class starts with no penalty. If they cancel less than 12 hours beforehand, the penalties are:

      • AcroSports Monthly Unlimited users and Class Pack holders: $10 late cancel fee.
      • ClassPass users: Students surrender the class as “used.”

Note that AcroSports does not guarantee specific coaches, so cancellations made less than 12 hours prior to a scheduled class due to a coach change are still considered late cancels and will be subject to the applicable fees.

“No-Shows” to classes are students who have reserved a space in a class, then do not attend.  This can be problematic, as that space was held for them and we could not offer it to another student.  Hence, for students who “no show” for a scheduled class, the following penalties apply:

        • Monthly Unlimited users: $20 No Show Fee.
        • AcroSports Class Pack holders: Students surrender the no-show class as “used.”
        • ClassPass users: Students surrender the no-show class as “used.”

All fees will be charged to the credit card on file at the time the late cancellation or no-show occurs.

Class Pack Expiration

Except in special circumstances, expiration dates of Class Packs cannot be extended. Such potential circumstances could include, but are not limited to, class cancellations or student illness/injury. We can also extend expiration dates on existing Class Packs with the purchase of another pack of lessons.

Please note that many of our classes fill up quickly, and that the purchase of a Class Pack does not guarantee you a spot in your desired class offering. Thus we do not recommend purchasing a large pack of lessons if you are only planning on using it for one specific class.

Class Pack Expiration Dates:

3 Class Intro Class Pass Offer:

  • For brand new students only.
  • Expires 1 month from the first day a student takes a class.

5 class, 10 class, and Breakdancing Class Packs:

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