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AcroSports is a unique space designed to inspire play and empowerment through non-competitive movement.

Students are encouraged to be themselves in a colorful, creative and stimulating space. Our coaches help students crawl, swing, jump, bounce, and roll through a variety of apparatus as they learn to move gracefully and discover their own bodies.

Experienced and energetic coaches give individual attention to each child and assure a safe play area. AcroSports is a member of USA Gymnastics and all of our coaches are certified in CPR, First Aid and compassionate communication.

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AcroSports is Open!

Summer Youth Classes will run June 21st to August 15th.
Registration begins online Tuesday, June 8th

Youth Summer Classes
June 21st-August 15th

Registration begins June 8th!

Session Fees:

  • 55-minute classes: $184 for 8 weeks
  • 85-minute classes: $276 for 8 weeks
  • Tuition will be prorated for any enrollments received after the start of the session.
  • 10% sibling discount will be applied to the second or more child enrolled from the same family.
  • No more than 50% of this session’s tuition can be paid for with class credit.
  • Tuition Assistance will not be available this session, but we hope to reinstate it soon; installment plans are available in lieu of Tuition Assistance.

Additional Details:

  • There is NO Priority Registration period for Summer. All eligible students can enroll from the start of registration on Tuesday, June 8th at 10 am.
  • Due to current COVID-safe health guidelines, NO make-up or drop-in classes will be allowed in Summer session.
  • All registration takes place online at acrosports.org. Our office is currently closed, so no phone support will be available during registration.
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(though this video specifically references Camp, the process is still the same for classes)

For any questions about enrollment, please email info@acrosports.org and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Annie N

This place is such a unique gem in the city.  My daughter took classes here and adored them so much that we decided to have her birthday party here too!  The coaches are great and the facilities are a lot of fun.  I definitely recommend for your extra active children.



This review is for the toddler play group (though I also love the overall offerings and space of AcroSports!).

On a friend's rec, I took my 13-month-old to AcroSports for the toddler free play hour and she loooooved it. It's an active toddler's (and parent's) dream space since there's so much to explore that's toddler-sized and all safe! Giant trampoline, ramps, tunnels, balls, slide, beams, ladders, etc. It was also nice getting to meet some of the other families who were there, though there's no forced programming, so everyone got to do what they wanted. It's also only $5/visit (or $10 drop-in) which is SUCH a bargain. It seems like people complain about the staff, but everyone we encountered was great.


Bowen P.

Love this place for our kiddo. He has so much fun in the toddler tumbling class and is learning so much. It's a great way for him to play and get tired. Best naps ever after this class.


Cynthia L.

My 5 year old has fun in his class (Tumblers). As a parent I just wish the other classes they offer for his age was available more on the weekend. The staff did express that it can be hard to find staffing on the weekends. I totally get that. It's just too bad. It just really limits me with his school schedule. As for my 8 year old, I was so happy they had a special needs class. He has a blast! But then the teacher left and they never found a replacement. I've noticed they've even take it off the schedule so no one would really know about it. So now he's going to have to do privates. That took a while too but I'm just happy I finally found a teacher on the weekends for him.  It would of been nice to have him with other kids but he needs the physical output. So my rating is a mix between 3 and 4. Overall they do have fun.

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