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Aerial Arts

Tissu - Beginning Tissu (also known as Silks) is a circus art consisting of a long stretch of hanging fabric that is climbed and manipulated by an aerialist to create striking displays of physical artistry, such as spins and falls. This Beginning-level class explores basic introductory skills and conditioning, and fosters aerial awareness for those who are new to the apparatus. Students will learn climbs, inversions, how to safely tie footlocks on the ground and in the air, as well as some basic aerial tricks. No previous experience necessary, but some existing flexibility is helpful, and students should be prepared for a real upper body workout. It is highly recommended to take our Aerial Conditioning and/or Stretching classes to support one’s successful development on this unique apparatus. Tissue - Intermediate *Instructor approval required for this Intermediate Class* The Intermediate class is for aerialists who have mastered basic and Russian climbs, single and double footlocks, inversions, and single rotation drops. Students will learn intricate wraps, climbs, sequences and transitions, and will stay in the air longer now that their endurance has increased beyond Beginner level. Previous Tissu training is required. Students must be able to straddle up in the air, hip key in the air without dropping, hold the body with single knee hook and one hand, and be comfortable performing single rotation drops. It is highly recommended that all our intermediate aerial students take Stretching/Flexibility and/or Aerial Conditioning classes to help master skills taught in this class. Aerial Conditioning Anyone who has participated in any aerial arts class knows what a difference one's degree of strength and flexibility makes on this apparatus. So come join our Aerial Conditioning class to up your game as you pursue your aerial discipline! In this offering, you will achieve full body toning, power, and

All AcroSports Classes and Camps Will Be Closed Until Further Notice

Given the uncertainty caused by the current Covid-19 situation in the Bay Area we will not be hosting group classes, parties nor camps in the gym at this time.

BUT DON'T YOU FRET.... While group classes aren’t yet in the mix, we are currently offering Private Lessons for Adults.

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