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Tumbling – Beginning
This class covers basic tumbling skills such as forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and round-offs – the foundation skills all tumblers must master before moving on to more complex tricks. Students will also learn conditioning exercises to help support their tumbling development, and as the class progresses, we will introduce drills and progressions geared toward learning both front & back handsprings and saltos (“flips”) with the assistance of trampolines, safety equipment, and spotting.

No previous experience is necessary, but we highly recommend enrolling in a section of our Intro to AcroSports class first in order to orient you to our unique facility, as well as prepare you to move your body in ways you may not have before.

Tumbling – Intermediate
The Intermediate level Tumbling class primarily focuses on moving the student’s solid Beginning-level skills to the gym floor, without the assistance of extra mats or spotting equipment. Don’t worry! Our competition-grade, 40’x40’ sprung gym floor is exactly that – sprung! – which offers your body a lot of forgiveness on landing. This class also incorporates conditioning and drills to up your fitness to where it needs to be for this level of tumbling, and will work toward the next crucial step of connecting tumbling skills in a series.
Prerequisite for Intermediate Tumbling: Students must be comfortable performing front/back handsprings and/or saltos without a spot, either on the sprung floor, into the pit, on a trampoline, or off a panel/incline mat.

Tumbling – Intermediate/Advanced
Our most advanced-level Adult Tumbling class, this combined Intermediate/Advanced class students the opportunity to reach for their most challenging physical goals. Skills learned will build on student’s existing tumbling expertise of the class as a group, with time for students to work individually on achieving their higher-level tumbling goals.
Prerequisites for Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling:
Students must be comfortable performing front/back handsprings AND saltos without a spot, either on the sprung floor, into the pit, on a trampoline, or off a panel/incline mat.
Students must be able to perform at least one series of connected tumbling skills, such as a round off-back handspring, round off-back tuck (salto or “flip”), front handspring-dive roll, or front handspring-front tuck.

Skill-Specific Tumbling
This class focuses on the fundamental, beginning skills of tumbling – the hard work of repetition and reinforcement of foundation skills that helps seal in muscle memory while improving a student’s strength & flexibility, all of which are essential to success in the discipline. Each component of these skills will be broken down into variations of drills and progressions to provide a solid foundation for more advanced tumbling. This class includes a warm up, dynamic and static stretching, skill appropriate strength and conditioning as well as drills and tumbling practice.

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