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Class Description


The individual acrobatic course will focus on basic acrobatic principles and gymnastics disciplines highlighting flexibility, body strengthening and movement drills, trampoline, hand balancing, basic acrobatic tumbling, and the introduction of basic pair acrobatic skills. The course will follow a “Safe ACRO” ideology to ensure students are building “A” – awareness, “C” – own capability, “R” – responsibility for safety, and “O” – organized personal goals through consistent practice. Utilizing proper skill progressions, students will experience various techniques such as handstand shaping and pressing, walkovers, dive rolls, handsprings, foot-shoulders, two-high building, and more acrobatic skills.

No previous experience is necessary as this class will be loads of fun for beginners and intermediate level acrobats! After completing the course, students will have satisfied the basic requirements for participating in the Partner “Acro” Course.

Course objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of tumbling, gymnastics and acrobatic terminology
  • Understand basic physics principles of acrobatics
    • Bone to bone contact
    • Vertical loading
    • Tension balance
    • Avoid soft body parts
    • Avoid stressing joints

Class Schedule

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