AcroSports Skill-a-Thon

From March 6th to 12th

AcroSports is putting on a fundraiser to benefit our Outreach Program, which includes Tuition Assistance that helps families each year access our programming that otherwise might not be able to.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Students have just one minute to do as many skills as possible as part of the Skill-A-Thon Challenge!
  2. Coaches will hand out the pledge forms to students in class the week of February 20th.
  3. Students will have two weeks to gather as many pledges as possible. The week of March 6th-12th, coaches will run the Skill-A-Thon during class.
  4. After the Skill-A-Thon is run in class students will collect their pledges and return them to the front desk. The deadline to turn in pledges is April 1st. 
  5. Students will be contacted individually to pick up their prize at the front desk.

Confirmed Prize Tiers:

  • $1-$20: Sticker Sheet or Cinch Bags
  • $21-$75: AcroSports Water Bottle or Tote Bag
  • $76-$150: AcroSports T-Shirt or Beanie
  • $150-$200: AcroSports Hoodie/Sweatshirt or Leotard


AcroSports Skill-a-Thon


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