Did you get your tickets for our Séance Cabaret yet?

What is this act about? 

Dava: I’m a werewolf and I’m trying to turn the beautiful lunar woman, Caye, into a werewolf. I don’t think anyone will have ever seen an act like this before. Caye came up with the idea over the summer and we’ve been working on it since then.

How long have you been training? 

Dava: This is my first real cabaret performance, but I performed in the Circus Lab’s Where the Concrete Ends, Dreams Begin show. I’ve been taking dance all my life, and adding parkour and aerial classes to my skill set through Acro – I’m excited to create an act that combines all these elements. Caye has performed several times and in last year’s cabaret, so I’m looking to her to show me the ropes. 

What’s the best thing about having a partner for your cabaret performance? 

Dava: Caye is a wonderful person. She’s extremely talented and I love learning from other performers. It’s nice to have another person to bounce ideas off of. We’re so excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on. 

“I love performing. It’s an enlightening experience to be able to use your body to express a story and have a creative outlet. There’s a rush of adrenaline of being able to portray something on stage in front of a live audience.

— Coach Dava


Check out more of our talented Acro coaches who will be performing at this year’s Fall cabaret! 


Casting spells and divining the future, Ciarra will bewitch you as she twists your fate on the dance trapeze. Prepare to be entranced, as only her tarot cards know what lies ahead…”


Telling a story of brotherhood, competition and the power of personal growth through their stunting and stage fighting martial arts act. 


You know her, you love her and she’s bringing a new and exciting hoop act to the Séance stage!


Will be weaving a mythical tale in her enchanting aerial silks act. “From the depth of darkness spirit ascends. By letting go of the fears that holds up back we become open to receive the guidance of spirit.”


Sabrine Is reconnecting with her past through her hand balancing and ground tumbling inspired act. She may even take flight to join other celestial beings.



They performed together in the Circus Lab show Where the Concrete Ends, Dreams Begin. This time they are rolling out a challenging Rolling Globe routine. 


The Aerial Act Creation class is a new offering this fall, led by Coach Sandia and specifically designed to help our young aerials develop acts for performances. Their creepy act is inspired by underworld creatures and will be fittingly taking on our Creature.


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