Fall 2021 Class Session

AcroSports families will be no doubt pleased to learn that we’ll have both Youth and PreK classes back up and running in the Fall. Our Fall 2021 class session will run Tuesday, September 7th through Sunday, December 19th.

The full schedule is still being developed, but will be posted at our website the week prior to the start of Priority Registration.  We’ll be sure to let you know once the final schedule is posted!  

Please note that, as we have done for the past few class sessions, all Fall enrollment will be online ONLY, with no phone support available the day of registration, thus it is highly recommended that you get any enrollment questions you may have answered PRIOR TO registration opening.  Questions can be directed to in**@ac********.org, or you can reach a member of our office staff Monday-Friday 2:30-7:30 pm at (415)665-2276.

Fall 2021 Registration Schedule:

All registration is ONLINE at acrosports.org!

  • Priority – Monday, August 16th, beginning at 10 am
  • Sibling Priority – Friday, August 20th beginning at 10 am
  • Open Registration – Monday, August 23rd beginning at 10 am
PLEASE NOTE that any ineligible enrollments that we receive during the Priority and/or Sibling Priority periods will be deleted, and that student will need to be re-enrolled once Open Registration has begun. See below for clarification.

1. Priority Registration.  Fall 2021 Priority is reserved for the following students ONLY:

  • Those enrolled in either Winter or Spring 2020 (directly affected by COVID shutdown)
  • Those enrolled in either the Spring 2021 “mini-session” or Summer 2021 CLASSES
  • Summer Camp attendees are NOT eligible for Fall priority (unless they were also enrolled in a regular class, per the above).

–>PLEASE NOTE that Priority normally only applies to students enrolled in the class session immediately prior to the one being registered, but it has been expanded for Fall 2021 due to the extraordinary nature of the COVID shutdown.  In future we will shift back to our usual model.

2. Sibling Priority Registration

This is reserved for siblings of any students who are both Priority-eligible AND enrolling in the session in question.  Sibling Priority generally opens sometime during the week between the start of Priority and the start of Open Registration.  Families can enroll their Priority eligible student(s) first, then add the sibling’s registration once Sibling Priority opens, OR can enroll all children at the same time once Sibling Priority has opened.  

3. Open Registration

This is open to any and all folks not eligible for either of the Priority periods. Usually Open Registration begins the week after Priority, and stays open until a few weeks before the end of the session. We have ongoing Open Registration up til that point, and tuition is prorated weekly, so classes that still have room can continue to accept new students, who will only be charged for the remaining weeks in the session.

We hope to see you here in the Fall!


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