Relevant Videos for Students!

Dearest Patrons, you better believe that you are sorely missed! Every shining face, every new skill learned or attempted is the true joy to our lives as coaches… and we miss every one of you. We consider you all a part of our Acrosports family and truly care about how you are all doing during this unexpected bump in our daily lives and interactions.

In an effort to add a treat to your days I have compiled a list of fantastic videos that are relevant to things You have learned in your Acrosports classes … I hope you enjoy!

Pre K:

These videos are fun and engaging for all ages. 

Youth Aerial:

Challenge! Beginning, Tier 1 and Tier 2 , how many tricks and transitions can you recognize?

Adult Aerial:

Aerial Acts with Exceptional Staging and Execution

Lyra Burlesque, Flawless Performance by Danila Bim *(only to one piece bathing suit)
*Exerpt from James Thierree’s GENIUS “La Veillee des Abyssess


Buster Keaton parkour acrobatics


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