Yes! We have youth summer classes!


Friday 5:30 pm (85 minutes)

Coed class for students of all levels. Object manipulation is a fundamental circus skill that can enhance performances. Curriculum will focus on both on-body and off-body hula hoop skills along with developing hoop sequences. Students will also work on their flexibility and handbalancing. Coach Erin has been hooping for 7+ years, check her out!


Saturday 11:00 am (55 minutes)

Coed class for students to develop their strength, flexibility and balance as part of the three fundamentals of handbalancing. This class works toward various solo hand and arm balances, including handstands and holds. All levels welcome!

Coach Mackenzie showing off her handbalancing skills in the spooky Presidio fog.

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Tuesday 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm (55 minutes)

Designed to allow students to maintain their current skills during the summer session. Open gym will start with a group warm-up and stretch and students will have the opportunity to work on individual skills under the supervision of our open gym coach.

Students are welcome to enroll or drop-in over the summer. You may also schedule a drop-ins in advance.


Monday 5:30 pm (85 minutes)

Coed class focused on floor, beam and bar skills. Students will learn fundamental gymnastics skills, build strength and flexibility. Great for students who are new to gymnastics and those who want to build core strength.


Friday 4:30 pm (145 minutes)

Coed open training where students currently enrolled in Level 3/4 Tumbling, Level 3+ Girls Gymnastics, Advanced Parkour & Free Running and CircusLab students can work on their skills and progressions in an open format training session. This class will focus on ground training and tumbling.

Students are welcome to enroll or drop-in over the summer. You may also schedule a drop-ins in advance.

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