Youth Skill Building at AcroSports

The goal of our youth program is to provide a fun and safe environment to build self-esteem through circus arts. To do this, we developed a curriculum for each class that includes skill progression and strength building to achieve personal goals. 

Our coaches tailor their classes to best meet the needs of every individual student while progressing toward these goals. All our youth classes work on developing strong foundational skills, strength training and skill progression, while ensuring proper technique. 

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What we’re looking for our students to achieve during each session:

  • Conceptual understanding – It’s important our students understand proper body mechanics and what each skill entails to know how to execute it.
  • Technique – Understanding and demonstrating proper technique is part of skill building.
  • Strength – All skill progressions depend on a strong foundation. We will often incorporate conditioning drills in each class and encourage students to do similar exercises at home.
  • Consistency – To master gymnastics, aerial and parkour skills repetition is key. The more consistent you are during practice the more confident you’ll be when performing.

We want our students to continue to gain confidence as acrobats and as performers. Our motto is progress, not perfection. We always want to see our students building their skills and working to achieve their personal best. 


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