Pre-K/Toddler Classes

Toddler Playgroup

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1pm
Ages 10-17 Months
Our Toddlers’ Playgroup is where AcroSports’ youngest students can crawl, climb, creep, scoot, swing and slide on our big mats and tunnels. This is a parent/guardian-participation class that facilitates unstructured playtime with opportunities for lots of social interaction for children and adults. Drop-in to the class of your choice, registration is not required. Children that do not yet walk are welcome! One-time drop-ins are $10; OR, create an account and purchase one of our passes to attend Toddler Playgroup for $5 per visit.
3 Class Pass - $15
5 Class Pass - $25
11 Class Pass - $50 (Get 1 Pass FREE!)
** Please set up an online account before arriving if you would like to purchase multiple passes.

All group classes, parties and camps will be closed until further notice.

Given the uncertainty caused by the current Covid-19 situation in the Bay Area we will not be hosting group classes, parties nor camps in the gym at this time.

BUT DON'T YOU FRET.... While group classes aren’t yet in the mix, we are currently offering Private Lessons for Adults.

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