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Outreach & Offsite Programs

AcroSports’ facility on Frederick Street is busy nearly every hour of every day; currently we serve over 1,100 students per week for on-site classes.  What many people don’t realize, however, is that we reach even more students throughout San Francisco via our school and community Outreach & Offsite programs.

In the 2019-2020 school year, these Outreach & Offsite programs provided gymnastics, breakdancing, tumbling, parkour and circus arts training to nearly 1,500 youth in 23 different in-school and afterschool programs, predominantly for low-income San Francisco children and youth.  In the 15+ years our Outreach programs have helped to fill gaps in both P.E. and performing arts education, we have managed to engage nearly 20,000 youth, and for many of our sites, have done so at considerably subsidized rates.  Periodically, when students in Outreach programs demonstrate especially high enthusiasm for more advanced challenges, we are able to bring them to the Frederick Street gym for more intensive training opportunities.

Follow our former Outreach & Offsite Manager on a typical day bringing an AcroSports program to a local school!  Programs outside of our Frederick Street facility are currently on hiatus due to COVID, however we do plan to relaunch them as soon as is safely possible.  If you have any interest in starting an AcroSports program at your school or community site, please contact AcroSports Executive Director, Dorrie Huntington.


2019-20 Outreach & Offsite Schools and Community Program Sites

Alice Fong Yu Elementary

Buchanan YMCA

Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8

Chinese American International School

French American International School

Gan Noe Preschool

Gordon Lau Elementary

Harvey Milk Elementary

La Scuola

Little Urbanites Preschool

Live Oak School

Longfellow Elementary

Lycee Francais de San Francisco

Marin Prep

Mission Boys & Girls Club

Presidio Knolls

San Francisco Friends School

Spanish Infusion

St Anne’s Preschool

St Phillip’s Preschool

Sunnyside Elementary

Sweet Peas Preschool

Tenderloin Community School


Special Needs

AcroSports provides specialized programs that address the needs of children with autistic spectrum disorders, sensory integration dysfunction, coordination difficulties, and ADHD/ADD. We also host a weekly Special Needs Open Gym for students to drop-in with their parents and caregivers to explore our space, socialize, and build physical confidence. Special needs students are also encouraged to enroll in any of our regular session programs that are a good fit for where they are at developmentally.  Programs are offered on a fee-based structure, and for those who need it, Tuition Assistance is available.


Tuition Assistance

AcroSports provides financial assistance to qualifying families to help offset tuition fees for Preschool and Youth classes and Camps, and is available for private lessons for students with special needs.  Please see our Tuition Assistance page for more information.  We distribute an average of $25,000-30,000 per year in Tuition Assistance funds.



Our Teen Internship program trains youth participants to become teachers and positive role models, while building job skills.  Interns get to work as part of a team, and gain an understanding of the safety knowledge, skills, and responsibilities of AcroSports staff, and are mentored by the AcroSports staff with whom they work. They also learn basic workplace roles and expectations (AND get paid!). Each type of internship has a required number of training hours, and vary in length and commitment, depending on the focus of the internship. When interns complete their training, they can apply to become members of AcroSports’ Junior Staff.


AcroSports Zanzibar 

On the International level, under this same mentorship model,  AcroSports is helping to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Zanzibar, Tanzania.  Read more about our longstanding relationship with youth groups, projects and events on the island here.



As mentioned above, many of AcroSports’ in-school Outreach programs are highly subsidized; some sites pay as little as 25% of our total costs for the program.  Additionally, every other component of the community outreach efforts listed on this page - Tuition Assistance, internship programs, AcroSports Zanzibar - is paid for out of pocket, offset only by current reserves, and the generosity of donors.

You can help us continue to provide these programs by making a tax deductible donation to AcroSports!  Please visit the Donate page of this website to make your contribution today.

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