Frequently Asked Questions

Any kids participating on the floor will count towards your guest total. Adults attending will not.

Yes, you can upgrade to a max of 25 kids. Each additional 5 kids will be a $50 upgrade fee. We do not allow downgrades, so please be sure of your headcount when upgrading or wait until the day of your party to upgrade.

No, 25 is our absolute max due to safety reasons.

Yes! However, children 4 and under will have to have a parent or guardian on the floor with them the whole time.

If attending a Trampoline Party, please keep in mind the trampoline itself is ages 7+, but the rest of the floor is available to all ages.

Older children are permitted to attend but must be mindful of smaller children.

Infants will count towards your headcount if they are on the floor playing, but not if they are strapped to a parent on the floor.

No, you must book your own party through our website and we cannot hold any time slots for you, unless you are using an existing credit.

The full cost of your party is due at the time of booking, this price includes a $50 non refundable deposit.

Yes, but you must contact our office to book your party. We will not give a refund if you book your party and then wanted to retroactively use a credit.


You can upgrade your party package all the way up until the day of your party.


  • Sunday 2pm Basic slot: More kids can be added for $10 each, but you cannot extend your time.
  • Second Saturday of every month Basic 5pm slot: More kids can be added for $10 each, but you cannot extend your time.
  • You cannot downgrade your party package, so if you’re unsure of which package to get, start smaller.

Yes, there is no fee if you contact us to reschedule at least 3 weeks before your original party is scheduled. If you reschedule within the 3 weeks before your party, there is a $50 charge.

You must contact our office to reschedule your party.

Yes, you will receive a refund (minus the $50 nonrefundable deposit) if you cancel at least 3 weeks before your party date. If you cancel within 3 weeks, the following policy applies:

  • 2-3 weeks before your party: 75% credit after $50 deposit is deducted.
  • 1-2 weeks before your party: 50% credit after $50 deposit is deducted.
  • 1 week - 48 hrs before your party: 25% credit after $50 deposit is deducted.
  • 48 hrs or less before your party: No credit will be given.
  • Credits will be valid for 1 year.
  • You must contact our office to cancel your party.

AcroSports does not have a parking lot, so a majority of our customers use street parking. There is also the Kezar Parking Lot on the corner of Frederick St and Stanyan St.

Guests can unload party supplies in AcroSports’ white zone outside the building.

Party family: Please drop by the office when you arrive for your party, before heading upstairs.

Guests: Head upstairs to our grandstands. The party will begin with a short safety briefing and introduction with your coaches.

Unless you are the first party of the day, no. Our parties are back to back so you will not be able to enter the party room until the prior party has finished and our staff has cleaned. They will inform you when you can head upstairs to set up.

Parents are welcome on the floor and may participate in activities but are not allowed on the trampoline or TumbleTrak at the same time as any student.

Parents are welcome to stand on the side and encourage their kids, as well as sit in the aerial equipment, and use the climbing wall.

We ask that parents serve as a positive example for their children, and not demonstrate any tricks that may be dangerous for children to attempt.

Our party coaches will be supervising and assisting with set up/clean up but there is no formal teaching or guidance that will take place during the party.


If your time on the floor is over, and your children have finished eating early we cannot extend the time to include more free play on the floor.

Anything you will want/need for your party, except for tableware. We provide cups/plates/utensils/napkins.

Yes, AcroSports does not allow piñatas, ice coolers, or alcohol.

No, our staff will clean in between parties and bring out our tableware for you but all set up is your responsibility.

Yes, please bring all supplies to the office and let our staff know what needs to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Yes. We generally recommend Cybelle’s Front Room as they frequently deliver here and know how our parties operate. But you are welcome to get delivery from anywhere.

Around 15-20 minutes before your party is scheduled to move into the party room.

Parents of anyone attending (including the guest of honor) should fill out a waiver online or in person the day of the party.

Students who have signed a waiver within the past year or students that are enrolled in the current session of classes do not need to sign one.

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