“Where the Concrete Ends Dreams Begin.” CircusLab’s upcoming performance!

Where the Concrete Ends Dreams Begin.” is also our new Performance Director,  NancyKate’s first full show with CircusLab!

NancyKate chose Shel Silverstein as a theme because his style is a perfect fit for the dreamers, the doers, and people who make the impossible happen. “I use poetry as a platform for creating performance art. It’s really easy to grasp the imagery of the poems and bring them to life in your own style, which is what I asked CircusLab to do. Also, I selfishly hope to inspire youth to read more Shel Silverstein – his writings are funny, creative and timeless.”

This year, CircusLab has performed at the AcroSports “Age of Rock” Cabaret and the Harlem Globetrotters Pre-show. The performance at the SOMArts Center will be their first performance in a theater!

Check out our highlight reel from our “Age of Rock” Cabaret below!

CircusLab performing at the AcroSports “Age of Rock” Cabaret

If you’ve already seen our CircusLab troupe perform, you know they are a group talented acrobats and amazing performers, but every new performance they reach higher and have more creative input. During practice Nancy Kate said, “Every time I give CircusLab a scene from the show they match it with more ideas and come up with new creative concepts. Adolescent minds are great in that way – they have the freedom to think like children while wanting to relate to adulthood.”

Mackenzie Pike, our dance coach for CircusLab said, “Shel Silverstein is a perfect theme for this group. We’ve added more dance to this performance, which I’m excited the troupe will get to show off.”

Please join us in supporting our talented youth artists perform in a beautiful space in San Francisco! Grab your tickets today!


Want to join CircusLab?

Auditions will be held this Summer! Any questions, contact Performance Director, Nancy Kate.


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