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Youth Aerial Arts

Class Description

Ages 7+ 

Our aerial program exposes students to a combination of tissu, hammock, static trapeze, rope, and aerial hoop (lyra). Through skill building, students develop strength, control, and awareness as well as flexibility, grace, and fluidity in the air.

**Please note: for all aerial classes, tight clothing is required on the legs (such as leggings or tights) as well as torso (leotards or close-fitting shirts). No jewelry is allowed and long hair must be tied up.

IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING AERIAL CLASSES: File this in the category of “another unforeseen result of the pandemic:” We have discovered that San Francisco and the greater Bay Area have been essentially drained of almost every existing aerialist. The few that are still in the area also happen to be completely occupied the next few months with performances, with no extra time available to coach at AcroSports. Thus, as you will note on the schedule, we are offering NO Youth Aerial classes at all in the Winter 2022 Session. We know this is a big disappointment for many students, and we are working hard to secure coaches for future sessions. We hope to have Aerial back on the roster for Spring 2022!

**current Fall 2021 Aerial students will have priority for aerial enrollment when these classes return.**

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