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Youth Gymnastics

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Ages 6+

Gymnastics requires an incredible amount of physical and mental strength, power, and flexibility. Each individual class meeting is structured so that gymnasts learn and work on skills throughout the practice on each apparatus, while incorporating conditioning and other drills to increase strength and flexibility. Gymnastics creates a core sense of body movement awareness, and is the perfect activity to set children up for lifelong success in all types of sports and other physical disciplines.

Higher level students (Level 2+) are highly encouraged to take more than one class per week, in order to ensure the greatest degree of student safety. The execution of more difficult gymnastic skills requires sufficient flexibility, strength, and the consistency afforded by repetition in order to best avoid potential injuries.

Students in this program receive progressive training on all events, which for “Girls’” gymnastics includes vault, bars, beam and floor exercise.

*** Please note that all of our gymnastics classes are co-ed and open to ALL age and skill-level-appropriate students. The difference between Girls’ and Boys’ Gymnastics refers to the apparatuses used in class, which are determined by the current international competitive structure of the discipline.

Beginning Gymnastics

Gymnastics Level 1

Gymnastics Level 2

Gymnastics Level 3

Gymnastics Level 4


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