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Tricking is a martial arts approach to acrobatics, with a focus on kicks, flips, and twists, that takes its cues from the disciplines of Capoeira, Breakdancing, and Gymnastics. This class will introduce fundamental skills such as jumps, kicks, rolls, cartwheels, and groundwork, and provide conditioning and drills helpful in improving a student’s Tricking-oriented strength and mobility.

Prerequisites: students must be able to execute a cartwheel from both the left and right side.

Core skills we will work on:

  • Crescent Kicks
  • Round and Hook Kicks
  • Tornado Kicks
  • Butterfly Kicks and Aerials
  • Cartwheels and Macacos
  • Scoots
  • Front/Back/Side Flips
  • Gainers
  • Raiz
  • Combo Development

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