Youth/Teen Classes

Youth Parkour

Ages 6+
Parkour, also known as free running, is the sport of using the body for uninterrupted, efficient forward motion over, under, around, and through the environment. The goal is to adapt one's movement to any given obstacle through proper landing techniques, running, jumping, climbing on, over, and around obstacles, as well as safe spotting and training. Students will learn how to safely perform basic parkour in our facility through the use of mats, specially designed parkour structures, proper coaching, and strength building, so that students can confidently take their parkour skills outside on their own.

All group classes, parties and camps will be closed until further notice.

Given the uncertainty caused by the current Covid-19 situation in the Bay Area we will not be hosting group classes, parties nor camps in the gym at this time.

BUT DON'T YOU FRET.... While group classes aren’t yet in the mix, we are currently offering Private Lessons for Adults.

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