Youth/Teen Classes

Youth Trampoline

Ages 7+
Trampoline is a fun, exciting class for students ages 7 and up, guaranteed to give them a real workout! Students learn basic jumps, drops, and saltos on the trampoline, while incorporating drills & conditioning to improve strength and flexibility throughout the practice. AcroSports has both a competition-grade, hot bed trampoline, AND a 40-foot long tumble track that feed into a landing pit (the only one in SF!); students will utilize all three as well as variety of our other unique apparatus.

AcroSports Will Be Closed Until Further Notice

Given the uncertainty caused by the current Covid-19 situation in the Bay Area we will not be hosting classes, parties nor camps in the gym at this time

BUT DON'T YOU FRET.... We have tentative plans to open our doors as soon as possible!

Did you know you can donate your class credit?

Your donations reduce our outstanding credits, which total over $100,000, and offer much needed support during these unprecedented times.

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