COVID Protocol Updates – March 11, 2022

WELL, the day we were anticipating seems to have arrived, perhaps a tad sooner than we expected, but it is at last here!

Per the most recent directive from the City, as of today, March 11th, essentially all COVID-related mandates are being dropped at most SF businesses, including indoor gyms.  So that means neither proof of vaccination status NOR masks will be required (regardless of vaccination status) of either clients or staff at many locations around town.   However, AcroSports is free to implement whatever COVID safety policies we wish, so have already had lengthy discussions with both our Board of Directors and Leadership team before deciding how we wish to proceed.  Here’s what was decided:

As of Monday, March 14th, AcroSports will officially become “mask optional,” with neither staff nor clients required to wear masks on the premises (though it is highly encouraged!), and we will no longer be requiring proof of vaccination of adult students.  SFUSD has so far only lifted mask mandates for middle and high-schoolers, however at AcroSports, we are not making any age distinctions, and will instead allow ALL children to be mask-free if their families so choose.  We have diverged from the District’s policy here – we normally align ourselves with SFUSD whenever possible – due to a variety of factors, though ultimately we heard loud and clear from our staff that they are equally comfortable with kids not wearing masks. AND uncomfortable with the possibility of having to “police” mask-wearing among one group and not another.  We also highly suspect that many clients of all ages will continue to wear masks indoors regardless of the change in mandates.

We should note here that other COVID-related protocols are still in place at AcroSports.  Our current staff is 100% vaccinated, and we will continue to require this of all new hires for at least the next few months, in order to help maintain the continued “stability” and overall safety of our facility.  COVID cleaning protocols will also continue, and the air filtration system will keep on running right along as it has been these many months.  We also strongly support all staff and clients who choose to continue wearing masks, as that is, as we all know by now, a helpful extra layer of protection.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these latest policies.    


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