Message from our Director

I hope this message finds you, your family, and all the people you hold dear doing well.

The decision of when to reopen AcroSports is, in large part, a public health decision. We continue to reference or and the CDC’s website: as they are authorities in this matter.  AcroSports is taking the decision of when and how to open our doors very seriously.  You can be assured that we will have taken all the precautionary measures needed to ensure our community will be returning to a thoroughly safe environment before we reinstitute regular programs.

What AcroSports is doing to prepare for reopening:

·   Extensive cleaning and power washing of the main gym, including the application of two fresh coats of paint on the walls.

·   Replacing the foam in both the upstairs and downstairs pits.

·   Installing several industrial AIR Scrubbers to draw in air from the surrounding environment and pass it through filters, effectively scrubbing the air and removing any contaminants. As an added plus, these scrubbers also clean and deodorize areas where unpleasant odors may linger.

·   Increasing the number of accessible hand sanitizers throughout the building, in the office, and at the front desk. 

·  Installing Equipment Cleaning Stations on both floors, stocked with disinfectant wipes to wipe down equipment between uses.

· Regularly disinfecting and deodorizing equipment and carpet-bonded foam via recently purchased commercial disinfectant sprayers. 

See the Safety Standard Guidelines we are following here.

During this most critical phase of shelter in place, and as the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, students and families are urged to keep practicing the guidance provided by public health officers including:

  • Staying home and limiting essential activities where possible

  • Washing hands often with soap and water

  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

  • Contacting your healthcare provider if you experience any symptoms such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing

  • Wearing face coverings (but not medical-grade masks)

  • Adhering closely to social distancing guidelines

These are challenging and uncertain times, but I feel confident that as an organization and community, we can get through this together.

Dorrie Huntington
Founder and Executive Director

AcroSports neon sign

COVID Protocol Updates – March 11, 2022

As of Monday, March 14th, AcroSports will officially become "mask optional," with neither staff nor clients required to wear masks on the premises (though it is highly encouraged!), and we will no longer be requiring proof of vaccination of adult students. 
AcroSports neon sign with a facemask on it.

Staying COVID Safe Into The New Year

A quick word to our AcroSports community on how to stay safe and healthy in the face of society’s pandemic fatigue, at the beginning of this new year.
Covid compliance sign: masks and vaccination required.

SF City Mandate: Vaccination & Masks Required Indoors

SF City Mandate: Beginning Monday, August 20 all ADULT students, AND adults participating with children in Tiny Tots classes and Toddler Play Group, must show proof of COVID vaccination in order to participate in class. This does NOT apply to adults merely observing children in classes and birthday parties.
a sign on the side of a brick building at night

COVID-19 Update – August 2021

Dorrie Huntington, AcroSports Executive Director, provides important updates regarding Covid 19 protocol.
a blue portable air purifier sitting on the floor

Update on COVID Safety Improvements

Despite being closed for most programming over the past year, AcroSports has not been sitting idle! Much effort has gone into the preparations necessary to safely reinstitute group classes and camps, which we will implement in a phased and cautious manner in order to ensure maximum COVID safety.

AcroSports Reopening Update

The City of San Francisco has authorized the reopening of indoor fitness facilities as of this week, and a number of people have contacted us to see if AcroSports will be among those resuming programming.
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