Staying COVID Safe Into The New Year

A quick word to our AcroSports community on how to stay safe and healthy in the face of society’s pandemic fatigue, at the beginning of this new year.

Welcome, 2022!  While the usual, invigorating sense of hope that arrives with the new year may be mixed with a tinge of trepidation this time around, AcroSports has returned to regular programming with a positive outlook. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that we continue to remain razor- focused on the safety of our community. 

Coronavirus burnout and pandemic fatigue are REAL, it’s true. Folks are pretty much done with this thing and can’t wait for the day we all get to throw our masks into a celebratory bonfire. Yet because of the current pandemic malaise, it is doubly imperative that AcroSports stay vigilant in maintaining and regularly fine-tuning our ongoing COVID safety protocols. We implemented a comprehensive safety plan upon our reopening in early 2021, and have since continued to regularly monitor news and guidance from trusted public health sources.

Here are the safety measures that AcroSports continues to uphold that, according to the CDC, are the best tools to fight COVID and it’s variants:

  • We continue to follow all state and/or local regulations for gyms and fitness centers.
  • Per said regulations, we require all adult students to show proof of vaccination. This remains the best public health measure to protect others from COVID-19, slow transmission rates, and reduce the likelihood of new variants emerging.  
  • We require everyone entering AcroSports to wear a face mask. Masks offer protection against all variants and are available upon request.
  • Improved ventilation symptoms are located in all areas of the gym, and the regular cleaning and disinfection of gym equipment & high-use areas is ongoing.
  • Keeping our website updated with important information for our community, and sending periodic reminders about COVID protocols as needed.
  • Handwashing and respiratory etiquette are encouraged, and staying home when sick and/or exhibiting signs of illness is mandated for both students and staff.  

The occurrences of this happening has noticeably increased lately, seemingly in tandem with the rise of pandemic fatigue society-wide. Again, we get it!  But AcroSports has a huge community of students and staff we need to keep safe, so please, PLEASE stay home. 

For anyone having a hard time keeping up with the latest, the SF Department of Public Health’s most recent COVID guidance was posted on December 31, 2021.  It includes updated recommendations for isolation & quarantine, and helps sort out how to respond to a potential exposure depending on a matrix of factors.  We hope this helps to keep you and your family safe until this thing is finally over!


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