Together We Give: Giving Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

Dear AcroSports Community ~

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we officially enter the holiday season!  Here at AcroSports, we have closed our doors for most of the week so our staff can take a much-deserved break and spend time with their families.

AcroSports is on the eve of our 30th Anniversary year in 2023, and to start the celebrations off early, we will be participating in Giving Tuesday. This online fundraising event takes place the week after Thanksgiving on November 29th, and I invite you to participate.   

This year, as AcroSports continues to rebuild our staff and programming, we are focusing our fundraising efforts on relaunching our Outreach program in 2023. Prior to the pandemic, we regularly provided free & subsidized AcroSports classes to dozens school & community sites throughout San Francisco.  We have yet to fully reinstitute that program, but are poised to retain the staff and reforge the community connections necessary in the coming year; we need only secure the funding needed to make it happen.

As a nonprofit organization whose mission is to teach and develop the physical, performing and circus arts, we don’t feel we are fulfilling this mission completely until we expand our reach further into the community. That is why we have prioritized the relaunching of the Outreach program in 2023, which seems a fitting way to help celebrate our 30th Anniversary.  

I encourage you to participate in Giving Tuesday on November 29th.  Your generous contribution will be fully tax deductible, but perhaps more importantly, be multiplied again and again in the lives of AcroSports youth. 

We invite you to make your donation by visiting our Donation page.

Thank you for your consideration.  Your participation and show of support for AcroSports is greatly appreciated!

Dorrie Huntington
Founder & Executive Director


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